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Old Paradians' Association


Upholding Traditions

Formally established in 1914, the Old Paradians' Association seeks to foster links with all past students, whose formative years were shaped by the Christian Brothers of Parade College.

The Challenge

The Old Paradians' Association not only had an outdated website, but a very ad-hoc payment system for possible donations, and no platform on which to announce the varied and many events they host throughout the year.

"It was all governed by this need to reconnect, because the Old Paradians committee wasn't active for years, and didn't have as wide of a presence in the community as it once did," the Old Paradians CEO, Anthony De Bolfo told us.

"So, we wanted a clean and crisp site that was easy to identify with, could hold a directory, and showcase our events. It also had to promote the causes of our members, both in sort and business, and it had to incorporate Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all other social media."

"Both Justin and Tim are really great to deal with. They're very easygoing and understanding. It's been a great association and it is ongoing. We've been lucky that we've had a couple of guys like Tim and Justin at the forefront of Fitzroy IT, because it's made life so much easier for us, and the process of dealing with them was just as pleasant. To tell you the truth, it's been a breeze; I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them to anyone."

"Their attention to detail and their commitment to making life easier for any customer results in things getting done with minimal fuss. They're always happy to answer questions, and they're swift and prompt in terms of getting back to us when troubleshooting any issue."

"Above and beyond anything else, they're very sensitive in understanding the needs of the client. They knew and understood straight away what we were trying to achieve. They've got a great knack for knowing what is important to the client and how to best drive that course of the client's business."

Anthony De Bolfo, CEO of the Old Paradians Association

The Result

Not only did Fitzroy IT overhaul the Old Paradians' Association website, but we set up a payment platform that would automate a lot of their time-consuming administrative processes. We also set up a digitised yearbook directory, in which users could find and consult their yearbook (an activity which would probably be more fun for some than others!).

"What we're finding is that we're getting enormous traffic," Mr. De Bolfo told us, "It's an easy site to operate, easy site to navigate, and we think that people have really embraced it. I know that for sure, because we're getting so much traction in terms of guys reconnecting that have been lost to the Old Paradians Association."

"All of these changes saved organisers a lot of time and money, and provided members with useful features that would help them stay in the loop regarding upcoming events. It's also helped the Old Paradians' Association to grow."

"We're getting so much volume, and so many connections," Mr. De Bolfo said, "and we're creating so much content that we're actually having to employ an extra staff member to cope with the volume."