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Meet Your Digital Solutions Team

We’re passionate about building and managing efficient digital products that help your business grow. And we’d love to meet you.

  • Tim founded Fitzroy IT in 2009 and works with both the clients and the internal staff to ensure everyone is happy. As director of Fitzroy IT, Tim oversees all ongoing projects to ensure everything runs smoothly. When he’s not keeping everyone happy at Fitzroy IT, Tim loves spending time with his family and is a keen golfer. A diehard AFL fan, Tim’s also a lifelong Fitzroy supporter and barracks for the Brisbane Lions.

    “I like that we can choose our own adventure at Fitzroy IT—we define our processes as a team rather than being locked in to a rigid structure .”

    Tim Jenkinson

    Founder & Director

  • Callum primarily helps clients with any technical support issues and everyone else in the office with testing, data entry, or any other odd jobs that need completing. Callum is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Cyber Security while working at Fitzroy IT. When he’s not working or studying, he enjoys reading (mainly fantasy and sci-fi genres) and watching movies. He also enjoys sailing and competes regularly in Ocean Races.

    “I like the work environment at Fitzroy IT—it's super chill and everyone is really friendly. If I ever have an issue with anything I can go to anyone and they will try help me through it.”

    Callum Prestedge

    Technical Support Officer

  • Daniel helps Fitzroy IT’s clients by providing information and advice, without all the jargon. He also assists other team members by sharing his experience and expertise, while at the same time learning from them and continually expanding his knowledge about all things related to development and IT. When he’s not working, Daniel is a level-2 qualified athletics coach, an assistant coach at Greensborough Hockey Club, a keen road cyclist and photographer.

    “What I like most about working for Fitzroy IT is the team—everyone has a similar philosophy: we work hard, are always on the lookout for creative, innovative, and exciting projects and always try to have fun doing it.”

    Daniel Robertson

    Technical Analyst

  • Justin handles front and back-end development while drinking way too much coffee. Our highly caffeinated web developer enjoys playing survival computer games, and tinkering with things in that mad scientist take-it-apart-never-put-it-back-together style.

    "My favourite thing about Fitz is the variety of work. Being able to work on two apps, back-end and front-end on a single project makes me a very happy coder! ERRR... the people! I meant to say it's the people."

    Justin Pradier

    Tech Lead

  • Ben makes it work, makes it right and makes it fast. So it's no coincidence that that is also his favorite Kent Beck quote! Ben is a highend dev who loves a challenge. Ben is a very keen photographer in his spare time

    "The people at Fitzroy IT are really chill but surprisingly productive"

    Ben Nguyen

    Full-stack Developer

  • Hung is a Full-stack dev who handles everything from spec clarification, implementation to assisting other members. When he is not working for Fitzroy IT, he is helping with housework (A LOT),  but still has time for football and travelling.

    "Fitzroy IT is great because I have the flexibility and focus at the same time."

    Hung Tran

    Full-stack Developer

  • Kristen does everything to ensure projects run smoothly and everyone is happy - Including buying boritos. She works closely with Andrew and Justin P on various projects and takes care of all the business analysis tasks. When she is not working she loves to stroll around the city and eat street food. Oh, and she loves to catch up on sleep too!

    "My favourite thing about Fitzroy IT is the flexibility and the supportive colleagues. We're all working collaboratively for successful outcomes. Yayyy"

    Kristen Nguyen

    Project Manager

  • Coming soon!

    Long Luu

    React JS Developer

  • Michelle helps our clients by designing well, pretty much everything. Prototypes, websites, apps, logos, print layouts, animation, illustration (including the team pics on this page) to name just a few! When she’s not taking over the office with her contagious laughter, Michelle loves playing the piano (especially for fun random gigs), staying active (spin class, kickboxing, hiking), and tasting food all over Melbourne!

    "Fitzroy IT has such a positive vibe - working here always inspires me to be as creative as I can be. There's never a dull day in the workplace when you're collaborating with the most amazing (and hilarious) team; I'm always learning about new design trends and tools, and doodling mini-comics about my colleagues. This place feels like home!"

    Michelle Tran

    Graphic Designer

  • Coming soon!

    Thao Nong

    Quality assurance specialist

  • Coming soon!

    Trang Nguyen

    React Developer

  • Divya helps clients to find opportunities and uncover real problems through research and the design process during projects. Besides working with stakeholders, she works with a cross-functional team where she receives and provides insightful and effective feedback. In her leisure time - apart from reading Neil Gaiman books - Divya watches movies and spend time with family. She loves trying different cuisines and traveling to new places…and, of course, her quest to search for the best brownie never ends :P

    “People work better together when they have a shared ideal and Fitzroy IT fosters this environment. The team is very friendly and provide ample support that helps me to work better. Plus, free coffee.”

    Divya Challagundla

    Digital Designer

  • Andrew manages all our major projects to ensure that everything is running smoothly. He also assists Callum and Liam in testing tasks, helps Tim, Geoff, and Justin with various projects, and takes care of all the business analysis tasks. When he’s not working, Andrew is involved in community sport coaching for local basketball teams, cricket, and AFL footy coaching. Andrew is a passionate sports fan, including AFL, NFL, basketball, and...any sports, really!

    “I love being part of a small team at Fitzroy IT, where we can all work together to achieve amazing results for each client. I also enjoy the flexibility, the office location, and the fact that we use the latest technology and tools.”

    Andrew Clancy

    Project Lead

  • If you’ve ever seen Pulp Fiction, then you’ll understand what we mean when we say Geoff is our resident Winston Wolf, the Fixer—he fixes all our problems. (Well, our technical ones, at least.) When he’s not permeating the office with his superior technical skills and sense of humour, Geoff likes to fill out random Internet surveys and drink margaritas.

    “The best part about working for Fitzroy IT are the pretzels, the lunch area, and the free lattes.”

    (But we’re pretty sure he loves working with your clients and our team, too.)

    Geoff Craig

    Business Development & Client Lead

  • Joe handles all of the above on technical matters and customer relationships at Fitzroy IT. When he’s not in the office, Joe spends most of his time sailing in various international or local yacht races (including within Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay), or offshore races to Tasmania.

    “The best part about working for Fitzroy IT is working with a friendly and approachable team with great technical know-how.”

    Joe Wetzels

    IT Manager

  • Liam works alongside Callum as frontline support for Fitzroy IT’s clients, as well as an auxiliary resource to other high-level projects: everything from mundane data-entry and resource tracking, to web development and testing. When he’s not working, Liam is an avid motorcyclist and a fan of vintage motorcycles (he even rides to work most days!). Liam’s also a very big music buff—it’s common to see him around, rocking out with a pair of headphones.

    “I like the camaraderie that's cultivated at Fitzroy IT. It feels more like I'm working with my mates than just my colleagues, and I find it makes me that much more productive in that I genuinely want to help my co-workers succeed in their endeavours.”

    Liam Bremner

    Technical Support Officer

  • Justin works with Fitzroy IT’s existing and new clients to help find solutions for their unique problems. He also tries to help the team execute various strategic initiatives and projects (but usually tries to stay out of their way so they can do what they do best!). Outside of work, Justin loves spending time with his family, playing golf, or going to watching the mighty Roo boys!

    “I love that we’re a collaborative bunch at Fitzroy IT—the best idea is the best idea.”

    Justin Kelly

    Digital, Strategy & Operations Lead

  • Coming soon!

    Fernando Pinheiro

    Full-stack Developer

  • Coming soon!

    Zach Cummings

    Technical Support Officer